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venerdì, 07 giugno 2019

The second-year students from the secondary schools of Dogliani and Farigliano would like to share with you their enthusiasm for the school trip to Milan ! This was their first attempt to write a page of a diary in English: as you can see, the results are really not bad!
Gli alunni del secondo anno della scuola media di Dogliani e di Farigliano vorrebbero condividere con voi il loro entusiasmo per la gita a Milano. Questo è il loro primo tentativo di scrivere una pagina di diario in inglese: come potete vedere i risultati non sono niente male!
Prof. P. Raviola


Dear Diary,

on the 7th  May  we went on our school trip to Milan. We set off from Dogliani and Farigliano after 7 a.m and we arrived in Milan at about 10 a.m.

As soon as we arrived in town we went to visit Piazza Duomo, The Cathedral Square, where the beautiful cathedral stands.

We visited the terraces with a guide and the landscape from there was amazing!

We had lunch at the home of our classmate Soraia’s aunt. After lunch, we went to the Vittorio Emanuele II gallery and we took lots of photographs. It was really fun. We saw all the high fashion stores, like Gucci, Armani, Prada, etc

After that, we visited the museum of Leonardo da Vinci. In the museum they gave us earphones and the guide was really nice and clever. We saw some of Leonardo’s paintings, like the Last Supper, and a lot of his inventions , such as the time measuring machine and the flying machines.

We discovered a lot of things that we didn`t know before.

After visiting the museum, we bought ice creams with our teacher, Mrs. Ratto (the ice creams in Milan are really expensive!!!!)

We got on our coach at about 5 pm and we got  home.

We very tired but really happy, our trip was fantastic!

Classes 2^ E – 2^F Farigliano


07th May 2019

Dear diary,

we set off this morning at 7 from Dogliani school by coach. We arrived in Milan at about 10 a.m. Then we walked to the Cathedral, dedicated to “Santa Maria Nascente”. We went to the terraces.It was fantastic, the view from there was stunning!

We had lunch along the stairs of th Cathedral.

In the afternoon, we was Leonardo da Vinci’s statue (in piazza Scala), the Theatre della Scala (but only from outside) and the statue of Alessandro Manzoni. Then, we visited the “Museo Leonardesco” which is about Leonardo: a famous painter (he painted Monna Lisa, the Last Supper, the Virgin of the Rocks, and a lot of other works). He was also a sculptor, an architect, a botanic, a plumber.


He also designed some flying machines! Do you know that this museum has the largest collection of projects from Leonardo in the world?

To go there you have to go through Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, where there are the most famous restaurants, cafés ,magazines!

After that, we went to the coach and at 5.00 p.m. we left to get back home.

At about 6.15 we did a break along the motorway.

We arrived in Dogliani at 8.00 p.m.

Our trip was simply great!


Class 2 B – Dogliani



Dear Diary,

on the 7th  May  we went on our school trip to Milan. We visited the Cathedral and Leonardo’s museum. The Cathedral was beautiful!!! Although from 1204 (year when the works finished, the guide told us)it has obviously changed a little.

It has been subjected to continuous restorations, and since it is made of Candoglia marble, which has been damaged by acid rain and smog, it is sometimes necessary to replace some parts of it. Unfortunately, it is difficult to reproduce them in the same way, even if the substitutes are made with the same marble. It is a beautiful Gothic-style cathedral. The spiers are fantastic.



At the museum we learnt a lot of new things:for example, that Leonardo used mirror – writing, because he was let-handed and therefore it was easy for him to use the left hand. We learnt that Moa Lisa was not stolen by the French, but simply it is at the Louvre museum, because when Leonardo died, he was staying there.

We had  lots of fun and we learned a lot of things!!!


Class 2 A – Dogliani



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